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Archive for November 2011

Holiday Traditions, not Trappings

Holiday Traditions, not Trappings Published in Atlanta Parent and Central California Parent Panicking over the impending, non-ending list of holiday to-dos? Wait a minute! When did the holidays morph from moments of meaning to pre-holiday months of mania? I used to epitomize the stressed-out holiday mom, snapping at her four kids (No, you can’t change your list to Santa – too late for that!), snagging parking spaces at the mall, risking life and limb (not mine), and frantically Photoshopping my family into an online more

When Mommy or Daddy has Special Needs

When Mommy or Daddy has Special Needs Published in baystateparent Magazine “We may be blinded by our own perceived flaws, but those who love us have clearer vision.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach What makes a person a good parent? Is it staying up-todate on the latest parenting advice from the experts? Spending more time with your kids? Volunteering at school? baystateparent recently interviewed two Massachusetts parents to better understand their unique perspectives on parenting. Here are their stories: Laura Fritz is an intelligent, compassionate adoptive mom of 2-year-old Mayleah (pronounced “Myla”) McKenny. more