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Archive for March 2009

Four Weeks Until the Boston Marathon

Four Weeks Until the Boston Marathon I  heard from a few fellow marathoners today… “Four weeks from today we’ll be at the starting line..” For those of you who don’t know what that feels like, it’s torture. We’ve been training for this event for months. We’ve endured low temps, high mileage, emotions that run from the lows of “Hell’s Alley” to the top of “Heartbreak Hill.”  We’ve calculated, we’ve conserved, we’ve raised funds, we’ve set our alarms every Friday night,  we doubt ourselves every Monday morning. Our minds are more

Running the Boston Marathon for My Mom

Running the Boston Marathon for My Mom It’s just a month away from the 113th running of the Boston Marathon. I will be at the starting line in Hopkinton, along with 28 other teammates from the Alzheimer’s Association Run for the Memory team. And my family, friends, and a half-million spectators will be loudly cheering me on as I make my 26.2-way from Hopkinton to Boston. But the biggest cheerleader in my life ― my mom―will be the person I hear the loudest in my more

Falling for Puerto Rico’s Rainforest

Falling for Puerto Rico's Rainforest   Some people travel to Puerto Rico for a quick weekend winter detox on the island’s mesmerizing sandy white beaches and clear blue Caribbean water. Others venture to Puerto Rico for the casinos, or the romantic Caribbean charm of Old San Juan. I went to Puerto Rico for the rainforest.   Not that I didn’t enjoy the beach.  My husband and I spent our first day lounging pool and beachside at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, arguably the most opulent resort in more

The Transcendental Traveler

The Transcendental Traveler Retracing the Footsteps of Emerson and Thoreau in Concord, MA To historians, Concord, MA plays a key role in the American Revolution, along with its neighboring town of Lexington.  It was here that the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought, at the Old North Bridge. For writers and philosophers, however, another conflict in the mid-1800s― one of religious thought: Transcendentalism―took hold in Concord, began by Ralph Waldo Emerson, lived out by Henry David Thoreau, and embraced by many other authors more