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Archive for May 2009

Setting Goals for Running Success

Setting Goals for Running Success Week #6 All of you are on the road to meeting a landmark goal: running a 5K. For most of you, it will be for the first time.  To have set this goal and stayed with the program thus far is quite an achievement, one that many people never try to undertake. Some of you have secondary goals: perhaps to lose weight, to get in better shape, or to do something for yourself in the midst of the demands of parenthood. The more

Running Hills

Running Hills Week #5 The world is not flat. Neither is the terrain outside your door. Unless you live in Florida, you are likely going to being running on roads that dip, bend, rise and drop – sometimes all in the space of a quarter mile. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the best, most efficient way to run hills – both up and down. First, let me tell you the good news: running hills can be as fun as they are more

Fueling Your Body for Better Workouts

Fueling Your Body for Better Workouts Week #4 Food fuels your body for all its needs. If you are new to running and/or other exercise, you need to pay extra attention to the food you eat – and when you eat it.  Here’s why: If you are not getting enough calories to handle the extra energy required for running or any other strenuous exercise, you will tire quickly, feel lightheaded, and overtax your body. On the other hand, if you are consuming too many calories, you may feel more

Get in Gear for Running

Get in Gear for Running Running is the perfect recession-proof sport.  Why? Because it doesn’t require membership fees, a large investment in equipment, or very much gear. Sure, you can spend a lot of money if you want to on everything from high-end performance shoes to GPS devices. But it won’t necessarily make you a better runner. Below you’ll find a quick overview what’s most important to wear – and how to select the right gear – to ensure comfortable, efficient running: Running Shoes Your running shoes are more

Running Injury Free

Running Injury Free Week #2 Most (but not all) runners over the years have at one point in time had to deal with an injury. Typically, but not always, injuries stem from bad running form (poor biomechanics), trying to run too far, too fast (overtraining), or sometimes wearing a shoe that works against your unique biomechanics and stride. Hence, the first blog on proper running form. The right running form, combined with a gradual, slow buildup of miles and/or intensity will safeguard you from experiencing more