This site is kept in loving memory of Trish Reske, who passed in October of 2021.
Trish was a writer - this site captures a bit of her incredible sense of humor.
You can read Trish's full obituary here.

Trish Reske Bio


My professional expertise and interest has been in leading the creative efforts of three companies I have co-owned,and excelling in copywriting, creative writing, feature writing and journalism.

Education and Awards


Professional Experience

Partner & Co-founder
Nowspeed Marketing
Co-Founder of Nowspeed Inc., an internet marketing firm that specializes in online marketing communications designed to generate leads and increase profitability for mid-sized companies. Since Nowspeed’s founding, I have directed all creative aspects of our clients’ campaigns, including strategic direction, copy, design and execution. I have overseen creative direction in key areas such as internet marketing strategy, search engine marketing, online advertising best practices, website optimization and design, email marketing and creative content development, including web copywriting, case studies, solution briefs, brochures, whitepapers and eBooks.

Award-Winning Freelance Journalist
baystateparent Magazine; The New York Times Motherlode; Worcester Magazine; regional parenting magazines
I have written dozens of articles for parenting magazines and blogs, five of which have won regional and national awards. My area of interest and expertise is Human Interest, Celebrity Profiles, Humor, Travel and Destinations, Essays and more.

My feature articles and essays have been published in a number of regional parenting magazines across the country.

Journalist, Blogger
Westborough Patch
As a freelance journalist, I covered a variety of feature and news stories for Westborough Patch. My focus has been primarily on sports and school events, as well as human interest features. I recently moved to the become a blogger, giving the Patch a women’s perspective on marriage, parenting, work/life balance, fitness, community issues, current events and humor.

Co-founder, Onward Technologies
At Onward Technologies, a web marketing and systems integration company, I started, grew and managed the Web Publishing Group, a team responsible for web design and content for top U.S. B2C and B2B companies. As the company grew in success, I managed all marketing communications within the company. Onward Technologies was founded in 1994, grew to 70 employees, and was sold to CSC Consulting Group in 2000.

Owner, Savant Content Marketing
Provides strategic content marketing for various B2B and B2C companies.

3 Responses to “Trish Reske Bio”

  1. Trish–Great piece re Spellman
    Museum. I did a story on it during
    my TV newsman incarnation at WBZ-TV–probably prior to your birth–
    maybe even prior to your grandparents birth!!
    Familiar with the USPS 2004
    Cloudscapes issue?
    Read some of the pieces on the FSS site. Do a story on sky-awareness.
    You can do it justice. Plenty of saychel.

    Mehr Licht


  2. Trish –
    saw your comments on the running-in-winter article in the Globe. You’re SO right – it’s New England! button up and get out there!

    I just did my first half-marathon and I think as far as accomplishments go, completing the race and completing a 10-mile long run in single digit windy degrees are tied.

    Love the blog – great perspective!

    -Kate Iantosca

  3. Just read an article in the Leominster Champion you wrote on running, and found it pretty accurate, so you must be out there pounding pavement. Just turned 62 and as I reflect back on the years, one the absolute best things I ever did was to take up running. I was shot in Vietnam in March 1968 in the left chest and so ended up with lung and breathing problems. I did nothing physically for years and by the time I was 30 I was 230 pounds at five feet, eight inches, so pretty porky. I read the book by Jim Fixx and went out the door. I ran nearly ever single day for about the next 12 years, lost about 70 pounds, ran marathons, even a 30-mile relay in a race and did many shorter races. It was, physically, and mentally, the best thing I could have done. It helped me survive physical and emotional setbacks many times. I took a long pause to run a business and gained a lot of weight back, but I and have started running again, after an assortment of serious leg injuries, and did five miles the other day, slowly, and am starting to slowly tear off all the weight I gained again. Not many people write about running, and it’s really too bad more people never get to know the great benefits, satisfaction and happiness it can bring into one’s life. Keep running until you read you own obit in the paper someday, Tim Manigan, Townsend, MA

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