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Archive for February 2009

First-Class Fun

First-Class Fun Published in Bay State Parent On the way to the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History in Weston, I ask my 12-year-old son Joel, his friend Oren and my 7-year-old son Caleb, “Do you guys know how much a stamp costs today?” “Five cents?” Oren offers. I shake my head. “Fifty cents?” Joel guesses. Yikes. I realize that in today’s world of email and IM, my own kids don’t even know what it costs to mail a letter, more

Taking Valentine’s Day To Heart

Taking Valentine's Day To Heart Published in Bay State Parent Parents take note: Valentine’s Day needn’t be only for love-struck couples or candy-stuck cards for your kids’ classmates. This flower-and-chocolateladen holiday can be easily transformed into a meaningful family event that you and your kids will look forward to year after year. Its theme of expressing love is meaningful; the holiday trappings are few, and the opportunity to sweeten it with memorable family traditions is well worth the effort. Here’s how some Massachusetts families transformed more

The Making of Marathon Mama

The Making of Marathon Mama  “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” A Proverb  You might say I found marathoning, step by slow step. Or perhaps it found me. I was never an athlete growing up; In fact, I have a hard time applying that term to myself even today, after 10 marathons, half-dozen half-marathons, and quite a few road races along the way. I was the youngest in a family of seven children, growing up with no sports (other more

Features: Fact with Fictional Flair

Features: Fact with Fictional Flair I have been writing feature stories for quite awhile now, but I never thought about why this type of journalism appeals to me. I usually sum it up by saying: “I like telling other people’s stories.” And that is where I got the name of my blog, “Storylines.” I feel as if every feature assignment is factually important. Of course. But there is a deeper, more personal story to be told, one that transcends facts. And that is the crevice wherein more