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Archive for February 2012

Losing Weight: A Piece of Cake?

Losing Weight: A Piece of Cake? Forget the Hollywood-hyped lemonade or cabbage soup diets – if you really want to keep the weight off, how about a slice of chocolate cake or some chocolate-dipped strawberries with your scrambled eggs? According to the recent New York Times article, “Nutrition: Dessert at Breakfast May Help Dieters,” a piece of pound cake in the morning may help keep pounds off for good. The 16-week study found that obese patients on a low carbohydrate diet that were given dessert with more

Spilling the Beans

Spilling the Beans Donald Trump, move over.  I have truly perfected the Art of the Deal. While my deals may not be in the mega-millions, they’re big in my eyes. Take my bean deal, for example. A few years ago, Stop and Shop was promoting a $1.00 per item refund on selected Rienzi brand foods, including canned beans. The best part? The beans were on sale for 99 cents. Late that night, I hightailed it to the bean aisle and emptied the shelves of more

Beating the Bully and the Brat in Birmingham

Beating the Bully and the Brat in Birmingham Yesterday I skipped church and ran the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham instead. Yes, I said Birmingham, not Burlington. I had decided to travel to Alabama’s largest city to try to qualify for next year’s Boston Marathon by running 26.2 miles in 4:00 hours or better – my personal BQ (Boston Qualifier). I kept my qualifying quest a secret from most people, because  I knew it sounded crazy, and was afraid if I missed my goal it really would more