This site is kept in loving memory of Trish Reske, who passed in October of 2021.
Trish was a writer - this site captures a bit of her incredible sense of humor.
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Credit Card Alert – The Uncut Version

Credit Card Alert – The Uncut Version I’ve been abducted by the Visa police. It’s horrible, I know. A complete stain to my shopping reputation. Yes, I was declined today – after years and years of faithful, frugal usage of my L.L. Bean Visa card. My card went on SHOPCON 1 – Oh, horror! And from me, the faithful paying merchant – foryears! Never a late payment – never just the minimum. I am a pay-in-full person. It all started innocently enough – perhaps a bit too generous on my part, more

For Whom the Paul Revere Bell Tolls

For Whom the Paul Revere Bell Tolls The weather outside may have been frightful, but the first peals of Boston’s Old South Meeting House newly-installed Paul Revere Bell were, in a word, delightful. At 12:00 pm on 1/12/2012, the historic Westborough Paul Revere bell rang 12 times. It was the first time in 136 years that a bell has rung out on the hour from Old South. Despite the driving rain and windy weather, dozens of onlookers were there to witness the historic event. “Nearly a hundred thousand more

Please Help Haiti

Please Help Haiti Two months ago today, I was in Port-au-Prince, our last day of a 7-day humanitarian trip with World Vision. We had spent the majority of the week in the Central Plateau town of Hinche, to see how World Vision was helping the poorest of Haitians with basic healthcare, schooling for children, community agriculture, emergency relief and food distribution (in partnership with USAID). While in Port-au-Prince, we stayed at La Villa Creole in Port-au-Prince, toured the city, got our more

Local youth teams donate soccer balls to kids in Haiti

Local youth teams donate soccer balls to kids in Haiti Published in The Westborough News, November 19, 2009 WESTBOROUGH – Westborough residents Trish Reske and Tom Slicklen visited the Caribbean nation of Haiti earlier this month with a precious cargo: Soccer balls. And if you don’t think soccer balls would mean much in a country beset by widespread poverty, Reske would tell you otherwise. “Kids there will bunch together plastic bags and play soccer with that,” she said. “To get a real soccer ball – it’s like Christmas.” Reske was in Haiti from more