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Massachusetts One of Safest States for Teen Drivers? Who Knew?

Massachusetts One of Safest States for Teen Drivers? Who Knew? Parents of driving teens: take heart. While Massachusetts is notorious for its aggressive drivers, apparently it is one of the “safest” states in the country in terms of teen driving fatalities. Who knew? According to a recent study by Erie Insurance, Massachusetts’ rate of fatal teen car crashes falls 22 percent below the national rate of 11.3 deaths per 100,000 people. In fact, the “safest” five states (those reporting the lowest deaths per 100,000 people) were all on the Eastern seaboard: New Jersey, more

Health Cares

Published in baystateparent  Magazine When I hear about skyrocketing healthcare costs, I can’t help but wonder if part of the problem is that people are visiting doctors more often these days for more ailments, just because they want their money’s worth out of their insurance deduction. And once they see a doctor, they inevitably get referred to a specialist for further evaluation. You can’t go into a doctor’s office healthy and come out healthy. Inevitably, they’ll find something. I know. I more