This site is kept in loving memory of Trish Reske, who passed in October of 2021.
Trish was a writer - this site captures a bit of her incredible sense of humor.
You can read Trish's full obituary here.

Published Essays

Health Cares

Published in baystateparent  Magazine When I hear about skyrocketing healthcare costs, I can’t help but wonder if part of the problem is that people are visiting doctors more often these days for more ailments, just because they want their money’s worth out of their insurance deduction. And once they see a doctor, they inevitably get referred to a specialist for further evaluation. You can’t go into a doctor’s office healthy and come out healthy. Inevitably, they’ll find something. I know. I more

The Boston Marathon Baby

Published in the Metrowest Daily News and the Westborough News It’s the holy grail. The brass ring. The oldest, the notorious, the elite, the famed. The magical, mythical Boston Marathon. And I was running it. Just saying “I’m training for the Boston Marathon,” gave me a smug, self-satisfied feeling. I won’t lie. No matter that I was a charity runner, had the flabby breasts-tummy-thigh-thing going from bearing three children in five years. I dreamed of that moment in April when I more

Mommy Math

Mommy Math Published in baystate Parent Magazine and Memphis Parent “Hey Mom! Can you help me with my math?” “Mommy! Caleb’s eating the cat food again!” “Mom! The toilet’s overflowing!” “Mama mama mama!” A cacophony of chaos, all directed at me in a space of a few minutes. Just multiply those minutes by hours, add in a thousand interruptions, subtract non-life-threatening disasters, divide by stolen bathroom breaks, and then raise it all exponentially to the power of four kids ranging in ages from 15 months more

Camped Out

Camped Out Published in baystateparent Magazine Spring has barely sprung, and already the brochures have begun piling up in my mailbox: baseball summer camp, Cub Scout camp, phonics camp, soccer camp, camp for the gifted, camp for the musically inclined, camp for kids who don’t like camp… and the list goes on and on. Even my son’s preschool offers a summer program, for tots with unproductive time on their chubby little hands. Sure to follow on the heels of the glossy mailings will be more