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Is Boston Really That Rude?

Is Boston Really That Rude? Apparently so, according to Travel + Leisure magazine readers, who voted Boston the fifth rudest city in the U.S., behind Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, and the King of Curmudgeons, New York City. Whatever. Actually, the attention-grabbing headline, “America’s Rudest Cities” is really a twisting of the survey results, which asked readers to rate which city had the friendliest people. Boston was ranked fifth from the bottom. I guess “nice people” doesn’t sell subscriptions as well as “insolent louts.” It’s also interesting to more

For Whom the Paul Revere Bell Tolls

For Whom the Paul Revere Bell Tolls The weather outside may have been frightful, but the first peals of Boston’s Old South Meeting House newly-installed Paul Revere Bell were, in a word, delightful. At 12:00 pm on 1/12/2012, the historic Westborough Paul Revere bell rang 12 times. It was the first time in 136 years that a bell has rung out on the hour from Old South. Despite the driving rain and windy weather, dozens of onlookers were there to witness the historic event. “Nearly a hundred thousand more