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Archive for April 2009

Relax, you’re Running!

Relax, you're Running! Week #1 “I could never even run a mile, I don’t know how you do it.” “I can’t run, I have knee problems.” “I find running is so boring.” I’ve heard these comments – and many more – over the years any time I get into conversations about running. I don’t know why it is, but a lot of people who know I am an avid runner feel the need to tell me why they’re NOT. I don’t really ask them –it just comes more

“Run Like the Wind!”: The 113th Boston Marathon

It is the day after the 113th Boston Marathon, and I am still trying to take it all in. Not just the Women’s Elite race, where Kosgei beat Tune by a mere one second – and just 9 seconds ahead of U.S. favorite Kara Goucher. Not just the moment when I reluctantly overtook Dick Hoyt and his son Rick on Heartbreak Hill, and quietly gave tribute to a love that no one can imagine or conceive. Not when I ran a qualifying more

Vacation Bible School: A Low-Cost (or FREE!) Summer Camp Option

Vacation Bible School: A Low-Cost (or FREE!) Summer Camp Option Published in baystateparent Magazine Ever wondered what goes on at your neighborhood church’s Vacation Bible School? Ever considered sending your kids, but was unsure of what to expect, or perhaps concerned your children may be indoctrinated in beliefs that you don’t necessarily agree with? Well, there’s good news: Vacation Bible School, or VBS for short, has been around for a long time, and is usually well-run and wellreceived by kids and parents alike, whether or not they are part of the more

You Are a Runner!

You Are a Runner! Published in baystateparent Magazine Have you ever thought about running to get in shape and perhaps work off some of that “baby fat?” Or maybe running appeals to you because it’s more affordable than a gym membership and is just a step away from your front door? Perhaps you’d like to try running, but don’t know how to start, what to wear, are worried about getting out of breath or hurting your knees. Or maybe you’ve tried running in the more