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Archive for January 2010

Please Help Haiti

Please Help Haiti Two months ago today, I was in Port-au-Prince, our last day of a 7-day humanitarian trip with World Vision. We had spent the majority of the week in the Central Plateau town of Hinche, to see how World Vision was helping the poorest of Haitians with basic healthcare, schooling for children, community agriculture, emergency relief and food distribution (in partnership with USAID). While in Port-au-Prince, we stayed at La Villa Creole in Port-au-Prince, toured the city, got our more

10-10-10 Parenting

10-10-10 Parenting An Interview with commentator and best-selling author Suzy Welch Published in baystateparent magazine and TulsaKids magazine Ten minutes. Ten months. Ten years. What will the consequences be of the parenting decisions you are faced with, right now, in the near future, and in the long-term? Have you ever thought about it that way? Or do you find yourself making haphazard decisions based on guilt, gut, expediency, or the stress of the moment? Suzy Welch, author of the bestselling book, “10-10-10” believes more